How I’m Reading It

I’m reading this book the old-fashion way. More specifically, I’m reading the hardback version of the book. I’m partial to physical books because I like to highlight, underline, and make notes all over the place!

What Is One Takeaway?

If there’s one takeaway from this book it’s this: clarity of message is way more important than you realize. Anything you say that doesn’t support the clarity of what you’re trying to communicate gets in the way of delivering the message you are sending. 

What you say doesn’t matter

What is heard is what matters.

How Am I Applying This?

Believe it or not, I’m applying this to the message that we’re creating for Dyslexia Unleashed

If you don’t know exactly what we do and why you need it then I have failed. If you do, then we’re glad you’re here. We love you.

Would I recommend this book?


If you have a marketable idea, filter it through the Storybrand process. It will not only help you sell your product or service, but it will likely help you develop it.